Strategic planning of the production

We considered the problem of strategic planning of the production in the factory. There is a set of orders to be performed in the planning horizon. For each order the set of items, due date (or deadline) and penalty function for delay are defined.  For each item type a structure of production parts, a set of needed resources (workers, materials, equipment), number of items in a stock and a size of production batch are defined. We developed three models (two integer programming, one heuristics) to solve this problem for different objective function. Presented approaches were implemented and tested on real data. 

Curriculum in high school schedules.

Compilation of training schedules in an educational institution is a laborious process, causing numerous problems before each academic period. In universities, for example, there are special staff involved in this task only. Solving scheduling problems often takes thousands of hours each year.

Railroad traffic control

Solving traffic management problems via existing methods of optimization theory is rather difficult. Problems with the construction of an appropriate model arise from the lack of clear wishes of customers and the complexity of the formalization of the problem. In addition, the scale of formalized problems is quite large, especially for major transport companies.

Scheduling for Russian Space Program

Among the many different problems that arise in space, planning tasks occupy a special place. Action planning requires detailed schedules of ISS activities as well as the schedule of cosmonaut training Mathematical models were constructed and exact algorithms for finding solutions of problems.

Transport logistics

The logistics problems of Russian Railways related to organizing the optimal delivery of goods. This research focuses on freight trains formation and scheduling to minimize the delay of delivery.

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